Will Kindly Old Lazarus Let Me Back Out Again?

by Burial Hex

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originally released on 50 3″cd-rs

Recorded live at the final Wisconsin solo performance ritual of thee Burial Hex Cycle

Shockrasonica, Madison, WI. 8.11.12



“Shifting Sands Congregations offer a fascinating look into the depth of the musical chasm from which Burial Hex, Clay Ruby in person, draws his dark, illuminating power. This twenty minutes long ceremony blows out harrowing, ill bringing winds that blast through the dark corridor where he stands. ‘Will Kindly Old Lazarus Let me Back Out Again?’ is Ruby’s final solo performance as Burial Hex, so it says unfortunately, and to the outside listener like me it sounds as if Ruby summons the grand manifestation of his earlier music into the hall where he plays for one final and memorable time. I wish I could see this ritual myself, but at least I got a nice poster for that performance by mail later on. It’s not the same, but it’s something.

Fans of Burial Hex will find this release essential, other people who do not know this remarkable project should change their ways immediately, and ‘ Will Kindly Old Lazarus Let me Back Out Again?’ is a good place to start.”

–Culture Is Not Your Friend!


released August 25, 2016



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